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Help support this website and the creation of more quality maps for Game Boy games.
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Can I use your Maps on my site or place links on my site to your site?

Feel free to create links to this site or to the maps selection pages on this site.
Please do not link directly to images on this site.
If you would like to place any of these maps on your site plese e-mail me at:

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Don't remove the copyright information or modify the map.

I found an error on one of your maps, what should I do?

If you find an error please let me know about it so I can correct the error. Please send a e-mail to: and let me know what game and level the map is for and what the error you have found is. Also feel free to send any suggestions or questions about the maps.

Why do you make all these maps?

It has become a hobby of mine. I enjoyed playing the games back in the day and now I enjoy mapping them out. It is fun going through and mapping games. Often I find stuff out about the game that one would never normally notice when just going through and playing it. Little glitches, or just how often Nintendo used repeating patterns for example. It's also fun to see an entire level on the screen at once, when normally you only see small parts of it at a time.

Do you get money for making these maps?

I have placed some ads on this site, and have made a little money from them. However the amount I made does not even add up to the cost of hosting this site. I'm not doing it for the money, I'm doing it because I enjoy making maps. However money is always welcome if you would like to donate.

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